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Bahamas Cruise and Stay

The Bahamas are one of the most popular destinations for cruise ships, with the combination of beautiful weather and gorgeous natural island scenery, as well as popular tourist resorts and cities where you can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment and nightlife attractions. In the Bahamas, you are sure to have a fun and exciting vacation experience. Traveling on a Bahamas cruise and stay cruise ship also gives you all of the entertainment and luxury accommodations that a major cruise line has to offer as you move from port to port.

There are more than seven hundred islands in the Bahamian archipelago; however most cruise lines visit a number of popular tourist destination cities such as Nassau or Freeport. Cruises travel between the cities of Freeport and Nassau, and many cruise passages coming from the United States begin in places such as Tampa, Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Florida and so on. Cruise lines also leave from locations up and down the Atlantic coast of the United States. Any time that one visits one of the major cities in the Bahamas, such as Nassau, one can see literally thousands of cruise ships of varying sizes docked and waiting for the tourist crowds. The beaches of the Bahamas are beautiful all year long and are a favorite place for people to relax on vacation, with surges of tourists and sunbathers arriving in the Bahamas during the season of Spring Break and throughout the summer. If you are interested in such activities as surfing / wind surfing, swimming, sailing, diving and so on there are plenty of places in the Bahamas where you can enjoy your vacation the way that you want to. Even if you do not like staying in the crowded tourist locations, with the great number of islands in the Bahamas you can easily find an out of the way place where you can enjoy peace and quiet with the beauty of the natural island scenery.

Bahamas cruises are offered by all of the major cruise line companies, with special offers available (particularly during the off season during the winter months, when people are usually working) that make cruises available for prices in the hundreds of dollars. With these kinds of deals being offered, anyone today can afford a luxurious cruise in the Bahamas and have the opportunity to see the sights that this beautiful and historically rich archipelago has to offer.

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