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Bermuda Cruise and Stay

Every year countless numbers of people flock to the Bermuda archipelago for a summer vacation, and one of the best ways to get to Bermuda and enjoy a relaxing time is to take a Bermuda cruise special. The Bermuda islands consists of over one hundred islands of varying sizes, and they are noted for their beautiful pink sand beaches, excellent weather / tropical climate, and the fine restaurant and resort facilities which cater to the massive influx of tourists who come to enjoy Bermuda during the weeks of Spring Break and the summer months.

Bermuda cruise specials leave from points all along the Atlantic coast of the United States; the seven usual points of departure being New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Norfolk, Charleston and Fort Lauderdale. Most cruises to Bermuda leave during the months of summer, but less expensive deals on luxurious Bermuda cruises are also available during the off months, and you can enjoy all of the high class accommodations of a major cruise ship, along with the attractions that the islands themselves have to offer, for prices that drop down to around a hundred dollars or less per day, all of which makes a Bermuda cruise during the off season a potentially very affordable way to enjoy your next vacation.

While the Caribbean islands can be extremely hot during the summer, the Bermuda islands are more mild and gentle. Instead of being located to the south of the United States, the Bermuda islands are six hundred miles to east from the North Carolina coast, and are in a more moderate zone. The style of the architecture and society in the Bermuda islands is British, as the Bermuda islands are an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, so a trip to the islands has a very international feel for people from the United States, but it is still easy to get around the islands and enjoy your vacation as the primary language is the same and the culture is similar.

Some of the countries which offer cruises to the Bermuda islands are Carnival Cruise (which offers a single cruise to Bermuda every year), Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Costa Cruises, Princess Cruises and more. Both the major players in the cruise line industry and several smaller companies offer cruise deals so that you can get any degree of cruise experience that you want. Start planning your next great cruise vacation to the Bermuda islands today!

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