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Canada Cruise and Stay

While many people only think of going to the islands when they are looking for a deal on a cruise, there are many cruises available for routes which run along the coasts of Canada. Whether you are on the east or west coast of the country there are many ports between which cruise ships run for the greater part of the year the most active season for cruises along the coasts of Canada is from mid-May to the end of October. The majority of cruise-goers on Canadian cruises like to travel during the autumn months.

Cruising along the west coast of Canada, ships usually depart from or end up at the city of Vancouver, and travel up and down the Alaskan coastline, either traveling all the way up the Gulf of Alaska and terminating around Anchorage, or going through the southern archipelago of the state of Alaska and moving between the glaciers. While the weather is cold, the temperature on board the cruise ship is warm and you can enjoy a dip in a hot tub while gazing at the stark beauty of the Alaskan or Canadian coastline.

In the east of Canada, you can enjoy the rugged coastline dotted with old lighthouses and fishing towns. Many cruise vacation Canada cruises which travel along the east coast of Canada begin in American cities such as Boston or New York, and popular ports on the Canadian coast include Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax. A lot of these cruises on the east coast also make stops throughout the New England territories of America, providing a wide range of historically significant and beautiful attractions, especially during the autumn months when the east coast foliage is particularly gorgeous. A typical cruise on either coast of Canada will last for one or two weeks, long enough for you to enjoy the various kinds of entertainment and socialization that the cruise ships offer, as well as make a few stops along the coastline and disembark to see the local sights and sample the culture of various towns.

Spring, summer and autumn are all great times to enjoy the coasts of Canada, and with prices as low as less than one hundred dollars a day, anyone can afford to go on a Canadian cruise these days. Start thinking about your next cruise getaway now and check out the range of deals on the web for a vacation in Canada.

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