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Cruise and Stay America

Conventional holidays can never suffice to experience the rich diversity that America has to offer to the intrepid traveller! Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, only a cruise and stay America option would suffice to explore the numerous ports-of-call interspersed with smaller inland cruises on creeks and rivers to cover maximum territory. Internet has unlocked many doors and one such is found in the variety of holiday options that an individual can enjoy. Network of connecting flights further enables one to stay on inland sites without any waste of time or fuss of looking for good hotels.

Cruising on the eastern coast facilitates passengers to visit port cities spanning Latin American Miami to Boston – the Irish bastion. At Miami, cruise and stay America option is apt to traverse the snow-capped mountains of New Hampshire. Initiating a tour from the tip of Florida spanning the Gulf of Mexico and concluding on the Caribbean Isles is like a dream come true – never ending shorelines, sunny beaches canopied by deep blue skies. Disney’s Castaway’s Cay casts its magical spell – weaving a faraway land abounding in coves, bays and beaches facilitating a variety of water tours, water sports, excursions, snorkelling, etc.

Veering in the opposite direction, touching the ports of Jacksonville, Atlanta, Savannah, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC and New York cruise and stay America enables navigating the Atlantic in all directions except the west - where a river cruise to the Great Lakes is possible. Additionally a peep into the more than 400-year-old history of the USA, Canada and Mexico is gleaned as one drifts along on decks lit by crystal chandeliers, scented candles accompanied by soft music. Cruises continue up to Canada, including Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, touching the Arctic Circle, Greenland, and Iceland. A delightful mix of rare scenery, wild, and sea life makes it truly unforgettable.

Cruise and stay America covering Argentina and Brazil offers a kaleidoscope of beautiful landscapes, historical sites, modern malls verses parallel traditional markets, guided tours to reach the heart and soul of South America. The Opera House in Buenos Aires, interspersed with broad avenues and the world’ widest boulevard arrayed on both sides by shops and eateries is truly spectacular. In contrast the serenity of the Iguassu falls provides an enchanting breather. Providing all kinds of amenities, cruise line companies are in a bid to outdo not only its competitors but exceed all expectations of its clientele. Private butlers to cater to all your whims and fancies make it an ultimate holiday experience.

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