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Cruise and Stay Atlantis

For those who want to combine fun and leisure you need to take part in a cruise and stay holiday package to any one of the exotic places like Jamaica, Greece or the ancient city of Luxor. In this article, I will give you a brief insight of what you can expect when on a cruise and stay Atlantis holiday trip. First and foremost let me tell you that a cruise and stay holiday package means that your mother ship will not be taking you on a totally open sea voyage, it will be halting at some of the important sites along the coast so as to enable you to take in the local atmosphere and try your hand at various interesting activities.

When on a cruise and stay Atlantis trip, you will find yourself being taken around some of the most beautiful places on the earth which include open sea libraries bustling with a whole lot of marine life as well as sessions where in you can get up close with the friendly mammals like dolphins. You can even try your hand at snorkeling with suitable gear that will be provided to you as well as you can feel free to explore the remains of ‘The Dig’ which is a famous archaeological excavation.

On your cruise and stay Atlantis trip you will be taken on a boat ride along the coast where your guide will point out to you the historical monuments as well as the houses of the big and famous inhabitants of the area after which you will adjourn to a lagoon where in you will be able to investigate and get to know about the rich and varied marine life north America has to offer you.

You can time off to soak up the strong American sun and be treated to island cocktails and superb body massages which of course come at an additional price. Exclusive fresh and saltwater pools holding about 200 different types of sea creatures to give you company on you dives where you can take in the rich mythical art and architecture of what is known as the wreck of Atlantis.
You can get all these and more if you choose the best possible cruise and stay Atlantis holiday trip package. The package deals vary from 2 days on board the mother ship to 3 days along with 2 – 3 days of comfortable luxury hotel stay. The choice is yours. Happy holidays.

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