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Cruise and Stay Hawaii

A cruise and stay Hawaii holiday package will give you the flexibility that will enable you to explore the unique scenery as well as landscapes that dot the islands that make up the belt of the Hawaiian Islands. While on a cruise and stay Hawaii vacation you can not only take time off to explore the islands but you can also visit the lush rain forests, botanical gardens and hike to the Koko head and Oahu Diamond Head volcanoes.

The Hawaiian belt of islands is made up of 8 main islands the names of which are as follows:

The big Hawaiian islands


Some of the fun aspects of a cruise and stay Hawaii holiday are as follows:


This place is home to one of the largest natural harbors in the world and has the honor of being recognized as a national historic monument thanks to the Pearl Harbor scenario. The harbor has 4 museums that are dedicated to the exploits of the men in white and is home to a full fledged battleship that has been through tumultuous times which include the beginning of the war as well as the initiation of the peace process.


At Maui you will have the pleasure to see the active but non erupting volcano that stands in the middle of the national park at Haleakala and is home to some of the worlds most unique and exotic creatures that can only be found here. Superb sunset views as well as the local folklore stories will help you enjoy your cruise and stay Hawaii package vacation if this location is a part of your travel itinerary.

Big island attractions:

This location is home to the rugged lava terrain that is similar to the lunar crust. You can either trek up the volcano sides to explore the steam vents and the lava vents or even take a helicopter ride to get the full blast of volcanic heat in your face.


Kauai is home to the dynamic Wailua River that winds its way through dense jungles filled with exotic flora and fauna. You can either trek along the banks of the river or you can kayak down stream, no matter which option you choose you will treasure these memories forever.

The Hawaiian islands hold a lot of hidden surprises for those who visit this location and the best way to get to know about them is to take a well planned cruise and stay Hawaii vacation.

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