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Cruise and Stay Holidays

A popular cruise holiday option being offered to people going on a cruise holiday for the first time is the cruise and Stay Holidays. As the name suggests, this package deal offers as essential flexibility of combining the best of both worlds viz. a traditional and a cruise holiday. You will spend a part of your cruise holiday in a hotel and the other part in a “floating hotel”. People are generally wary of being confined to a ship on a cruise holiday and for those suffering from occasional bouts of seasickness, a cruise and stay option is a perfect way to make the most of a well earned holiday.

Owing to the flexibility being offered in a cruise and stay holidays, you can devise your own flexible holiday. In general a cruise involves visits to more than one resort, thus allowing you an opportunity to visit more places than you would if you had stayed in one particular resort in a traditional holiday. In between the various places you visit, one can relax on board a luxury liner before setting off to explore the world. Consequently, one can sail not only the seven seas but explore far-flung continents too. Only one needs to carry extra money for dining ashore.

A cruise and stay holiday, aka pre and post tours, doesn’t entail the need to make any sort of independent arrangements. The same can all be booked through the chosen cruise line or tour operator, thus obviating the necessity of making your own arrangements at every destination. You can extend your holiday at a land-based holiday either before or after your cruise, and some cruise lines even offer to allow you to break up your cruise at certain destinations to rejoin at another port along the ship’s itinerary. It offers supreme flexibility to enable one to gain ultimate holiday freedom!

Cruise and Stay Holidays are on offer for various destinations viz. Caribbean Cruises, Nile Cruises, Transatlantic Cruises, Red Sea, Mediterranean, and Canary Islands. You also have a choice of hotels and resorts at various destinations. At some destinations, it is also possible to combine the cruise with a pre-packaged land tour. These holidays are called “cruise tours” and are particularly popular in Alaska. Here, your itinerary is a beautiful crystallization of a wonderful glacier cruise with an all-inclusive land tour of the splendid interiors and the magnificent Canadian Rockies. You don’t need to really stretch your imagination to know that you are getting more than your money’s worth.

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