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Cruise and Stay Luxor

For those of you who thought that a visit to Egypt only meant and outing or sightseeing session to the pyramids of Giza, you need to get your though process right. A trip to this exotic African country is incomplete without a cruise and stay Luxor package. This country has a lot to offer when it comes to river cruises and if you feel that you are missing out on something you need to get a cruise and stay Luxor holiday package. Throughout the duration of the cruise you will be accompanied by a well read guide who will explain and give you knowledge about the varied history of this vast and beautiful land.

A cruise trip will take you down the banks of the Nile and deposit you in the lap of history from where there is no coming back. Right from the pharaohs, to Moses, to the Sphinx everything will feel real to you once you are on the tour of Egypt with the cruise and stay Luxor package in hand. Luxor is basically a wide and grand city located in the province of Qena and was associated with the city of Thebes which was the capital of ancient Egypt. Luxor by itself means “the palaces”. The tourist traffic to Luxor is very high and many travel and tours agencies have their offices and consulates out here.

Luxor is home to a number of sites and historical places which are as follows:
• Luxor temple
The luxor temple is one of the most beautiful temples in the whole of Luxor and was known as the southern shrine. This temple is a wonderful building considering its architect was Amenhotep. This temple has seen a lot changes being made to its façade and its sanctum. The Christians used it at a church while the muslims after that used it as a mosque and named it the Mosque of Abou El-Hagag.
• Karnak temple
The temple of karnak is one of the biggest temple complexes in the world and is home to about 6 different temples. The temple has a very wild and fascinating history and if you want to know more about its history you will need to be present at that spot to do it full justice.

There are many ours and ravel agencies that give good offers on cruise and stay Luxor packages.

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