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Cruise and Stay Nassau

For those who are thinking of a really good romantic getaway or for those who want to enjoy the holidays with your family you can take the cruise and stay Nassau vacation package and sail to one of the beautiful and thrilling locations of the world. Apart from the beautiful scenery there are superb offers to take note of which give you total flexibility in your travel itinerary and put you up at some of the best hotel in town for as low as $399.

While on a cruise and stay Nassau vacation you need not worry about the fun aspect as you will be entitled to loads of it whether it be onboard the mother ship or at one of the luxurious hotels dotting the coast. On board the ship you can frequent the adult bars and casinos and rest relaxed while your children play at the fun room and swimming pool enclosure specially designed for them. For the old time doesn’t matter and they can spend all their time lazing around on the benches that dot the deck, taking in some much needed vitamin d supplements and remembering their days when they where teens. For those who hate the thought of going out to sea for a prolonged period there are innumerable options in the guise of luxurious hotels that will provide you with first class service and see that your every beck and call is attended to.

The best part of these cruise and stay Nassau holiday packages is that they allow you to play around with your travel itinerary and you will be please to know that the itinerary that you choose out of the blue may sometimes be the best for you and for near and dear ones. You can choose to breakup the cruise at a certain point and enjoy the land excursion for a while before you join up the ship at a stop further down the itinerary.

The main attractions of this awesome place are filled with adventure and loads of adrenalin filled junkies who will give anything for a worthwhile adventure session which includes zipping through the jungle on wines that reach the jungle floor, skimming through the turquoise blue water on a motor craft or on the back of the playful dolphins or Rafting down winding rivers with only a rickety raft for company are some of the various attraction that you can indulge in while at this place when on a cruise and stay Nassau vacation.

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