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Cruise and Stay Vacations

‘Been there done that’ is a by-word for most holiday destinations. Cruise and stay vacations still a novelty is fast gaining popularity as the coolest way to spend holidays. Discount cruises have further made these vacations accessible to people of all ages and levels of income. When one is on a cruise, one is free from worries about taking care of luggage, lugging it from trains to buses or taxis or to hotel rooms. Other perks such as first-class accommodations, unusual and varied locations, lavish meals, top-notch entertainment and world-class facilities – all this at a lesser cost! Relax, indulge, and discover new countries with no stress or jet lag.

Vacations are meant to have a change in the daily routine life. Cruise and stay vacations provide that change with no stress or extra cost. One has the choice either to relax and sunbathe all day long or stick to a chalked out routine. Lately cruise ships cater to tourist’s requirements such as gyms, spas, restaurants with diet cuisines, childcare, sports facilities from skating to tennis, gambling dens and even theatres. It’s like being in a ‘home away from home’ and yet affording complete relaxation form everyday routine jobs of cooking, cleaning and washing. Trips to some exciting places are included in the cruise itinerary.

Cruise and stay vacations grant you the luxury of enjoying local sights at the port of call for as long as one wants without the fuss of looking for best price on rooms everywhere you go. You can see a lot more of the beautiful destinations if you cruise than when you fly or take a train to reach the destination. Cruise boats travel slowly allowing you the luxury to soak in the sights and sounds of the places you visit. Frequent stops at ports on call in the itinerary allow one to go on land and explore the country too.

The best cruise and stay vacation destinations are the Caribbean and Bermuda Islands, coastal states of the USA, Canada, Latin America, and through the entire length and breadth of Europe via various rivers of countries such as France, Germany, Austria, and the Mediterranean Sea. Choice of these destinations depends on what you are looking forward to – it its sandy beaches and tropical islands then the Caribbean Isles are appropriate. Besides the region is home to a unique cultural experience. If one is passionate about history and culture then the Mediterranean holiday would be best to experience the history and culture of the Romans, Egyptians, Greeks and the Turks.

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