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Hotel and Cruise Holidays

Family cruising, as a trend has put in fast-forward motion the travel industry’s growth. Whether in terms of ground covered, amenities enjoyed- individually or in a group; catering to every man’s taste in gastronomic delights or the ambience provided; no holiday can match this even cost wise. Credit to 2009 being an extraordinary year to the cruise industry goes to the extreme popularity of the hotel and cruise holidays. Modern cruise ships offer a stay akin to a large city, with many restaurants, discos, bars, theatre, a gym, tennis courts and so on. The cruise ships are like small towns navigating along the coasts and wired to deal with all sorts of demands.

Hotel and cruise holidays are here to stay. There has been a substantial increase in the number of passengers, which is likely to increase further. Cruise lines are cashing on every opportunity to keep growing and are forever on the lookout to discover new places which may interest passengers and provide amenities to make sure their customer service is at its best. The multitudes of options available to a customer are overwhelming. Eco-friendly ships , flexible dining choices – freestyle dining as popularised by NCL, loads of on-board activities and amenities, world-class recreations make family cruising attractive. The cabins with stately beddings, big pillows, LCD’s are comparable to the best of land hotels.

With cruise liners going hi-tech and increased cell phone coverage, one can stay connected with friends, families and office colleagues and staff to ensure uninterrupted work. Ships are now have an infrastructure to enable an on-board conference chambers , with flexibility in space availability Dedicated conference facilities affords privacy and being complimentary also tends to save costs, because meeting space is complimentary. On popular demand, cruise ships are offering the homeport advantage so that passengers can drive to their meetings. Cruise lines are making holidays irresistible to all by devising all the conveniences of a stay at any hotel on land.

Hotel and cruise holidays in a bid to cater to all manner of people also offer privacy to those who wish for it. VIP’s are housed in speciality staterooms, equipped with a separate reception, concierge services, lounge, swimming pool, and round-the-clock butler services. Private walks with back doors leading to them, promenades with real grass, spa professionals, longer stays ashore giving rise to the concept of ‘a ship within a ship’ has blurred the differences between a hotel on land and a floating hotel. Catering to all ages, ships are expanding kids-programme (free) with age-specific amenities and activities, thus enabling families, which span two or more generations to cruise together.

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