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Cruise And Stay

Cruise and stay holidays are one of the best ways to enjoy your vacation time.. There are lots of reasons why you should go with a cruise and stay holiday instead of other types of vacations. One is convenience when you go on a cruise, you do not have to worry about taking care of your luggage, carting your things from the train to the bus or taxi and to the hotel room.

On a cruise boat you have a base to go back to your room, which makes it possible for you to stay out as long as you want at the ports of call and enjoy the local sights without needing to make new plans and shop around for the best price on rooms everywhere that you go. This takes a lot of the pressure of planning off of you and makes for a much more relaxing vacation experience.

Another reason to go on a cruise and stay holiday is that cruises go to lots of beautiful destinations, and you see a lot more than you do if you travel to your final destination by plane or by train. Cruise boats go slowly enough that you can get a good look at the scenery as you move, and depending on the cruise line that you select they can make frequent stops, which allow you to go on land and see the country, exploring the ports along the coast line or along the rivers of the country firsthand.

Some of the best places in the world to take a cruise and stay holiday include the Caribbean and Bermuda islands, the coasts of the United States, Canada and South America, and all throughout Europe on the various rivers of countries such as France, Germany and Austria, as well as the Mediterranean Sea.

Cruise and Stay Destinations

There are many destinations to choose from if you want to take a cruise and stay holiday. There is no such thing as the best cruise and stay destination as this is something personal to you. If you're looking for sandy beaches and tropical islands then the Caribbean is for you.
Alternatively if you're looking for history and culture then its hard to beat the Mediteranean.

Cruise and stay holidays offer lots of those picture perfect tropical islands with white sandy beaches and clear blue water. A cruise holiday doesn't just stop at the beach though. The region is the home of a unique cultural experience. The region boasts its own unoque food, drink and culture. There is plenty of sightseeing trips availble that go inland to discover the real beauty of the area hidden behind the palm trees.

Cruise and stay holidays in the Med offer perhaps the most diverse experience you can imagine. On a cruise and stay holiday around the Mediterranean you can experience the the history and cultures of the Romans, the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks and the Turks.

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