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Nile Cruise and Stay Holidays

Cruising Egypt on Nile is not just another holiday. It is a wonderful experience, which transports you back in time to the age of the great pharaohs who ruled Egypt around 5000 years ago. Nile itself is an amazing river considering its size and volume. It is longest river in the world close to about 4000 kilometers long. Travelling Egypt on the river Nile is the best way to see Egypt since it cuts across the country and allows you to truly understand the land. Nile cruise and stay vacation will take you across different sites of historical significance. It is a lifetime experience, which will surely make for some exiting memories.

Among the many places you would visit on such a tour, Luxor is a popular destination. There you would visit the temple of Queen Hatshepsut who is renowned for being the longest reigning women pharaoh. The tour should also take you to the Karnak complex located to the north of the town. The temple complex was built for over 1500 years and you can really feel the passage of time as you walk across the entire structure. Nile cruise and stay also provides excursions to the famed Valley of the Kings. This is a sacred place for the Egyptians as more than 60 pharaohs were buried here including the great Ramesses and Tutankhamun.

Your tour should also take you to Edfu, which is located 100 kilometers to the south of Luxor. This place is famous for the great temple of Horus, the god with the head of a falcon. It was constructed around the first century B.C. and it is still preserved in good condition. Even some of its roof is still standing. Kom Ombo is another is another place, which should fall in your Nile cruise and stay excursion list. It is located close to around 40 km to the north of Aswan. The place is famous for the Double temple, which was constructed during the Roman period. It is a beautiful place to visit especially during sunset when you could see the different colors on the stonework.

A general Nile cruise and stay offers you a 7 day and night cruise through Nile including a full program of 10 to 12 excursions, accompanied by an experienced Egyptologist. You should search for a travel agent who would be able to include the extras as part of the whole package to reduce costs significantly.

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