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Red Sea Cruise and Stay

Red sea cruise and stay trip is a great idea if you are looking for a gate away trip where you can enjoy the natural environment without the hassle of a buzzing city. Red sea with its clear water, warm sunshine and numerous luxurious resorts makes for an unforgettable experience. Cruise and stay getaway’s are the best way to enjoy the red sea region because you get to break up your holiday between a cruise and a land based holiday where you get to stay at different hotels.

Red sea cruises are warm and relaxing. You get to chill out over the ship and enjoy various activities. The coast is magnificent in its scenic beauty. You can easily get a tailor made holiday package from a tour agent so as custom choose your entire holiday package according to your satisfaction. Red Sea cruise and stay may also take you to guided tour through some remarkable places of ancient Egyptian history. Luxor is popular visiting destinations for tourists on a red sea cruise and stay trip. It is only a four hour road trip to Luxor from the coast and tour busses go there regularly. There you would see the temple dedicated to Queen Hatshepsut, the longest reigning women pharaoh in the history of Egypt around 1490 to 1468 B.C. She is also believed by many historians to be the mother of Moses who found the boy floating in the river Nile.

In Luxor, the tour should also take you through to north end of the town where you would see the majestic temple complex of Karnak. The complex was built through a time span of around 1500 years and you can really feel the passage of time as you walk across the entire complex. Red sea cruise and stay should also include an excursion into the Valley of the Kings. The valley is sacred to all Egyptians as there are more than 60 pharaohs buried there. The lists of names include people like the great Ramesses and Tutankhamun. The region is still under excavation and new mummies are being discovered even in the recent years.

You should also consider including a trip to Cairo in your holiday package. There the pyramids of Gizza and the incredible Sphinx will overwhelm you. Red sea coast and Cairo are easily available by international flights, so your travel agent can easily include Cairo in your red sea cruise and stay trip.

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